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Not just WORDS can get lost in TRANSLATION: Why do you need DTP?

Why do you need DTP? In this competitive and globalized world, seeking other markets for your products and services becomes an opportunity and a need. The importance of translating and culturally adapting your online communication, user guides, website, and digital marketing to specific locations and markets is crucial to find success and growth. What it is […]

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Technical Translations: 4 New things you need to know right now.

Technical Translations Accuracy, consistency, and perfection. “Technical Translations” is a catch-all term that encompasses projects related to machinery, industry or technology. The exact subject matter can vary, but the projects share the same set of characteristics that make them especially challenging. We will explain some key points about how to handle this type of project […]

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What’s a style & preferences guide? 3 Things you should know.

What’s a style & preferences guide? When you trust your work to a translation agency, you expect the final document to be flawless and publish-ready. But sometimes you end up rectifying imperfections that you already have corrected in previous translation works. That’s why at Australis, one of our main commitments is to file and continuously […]

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6 Key Points In Expert Solutions For Translation And Localization.

With a little knowledge of another language, you or any completely bilingual person could think that a translation is very good and yet, from a professional and specialized point of view, to qualify a good translation requires several considerations and analysis. Actually a “good translation” depends on the source document, the writing style if it […]

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Localization of Technology in your wardrobe.

We are living the future that we anticipated, in which technology has infiltrated even into our wardrobe, not only in smart watches, glasses, and headphones but also in clothes that use the latest technology and even developers and manufacturers continue to investigate new uses and possibilities. Now our goal is to translate the interface of […]