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Technical Translations: 4 New things you need to know right now.

Technical Translations Accuracy, consistency, and perfection. “Technical Translations” is a catch-all term that encompasses projects related to machinery, industry or technology. The exact subject matter can vary, but the projects share the same set of characteristics that make them especially challenging. We will explain some key points about how to handle this type of project […]

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4 Ways In Which How our Linguistic Engineering process helps your company.

If you need multilingual translations, either for sales materials or website localization, the first step to achieve the success you expect is to choose the right professional translators. To choose who to work with, consider the following: translation agencies may or may not work by your side to fully understand your needs and expectations, plan […]

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Localization of Technology in your wardrobe.

We are living the future that we anticipated, in which technology has infiltrated even into our wardrobe, not only in smart watches, glasses, and headphones but also in clothes that use the latest technology and even developers and manufacturers continue to investigate new uses and possibilities. Now our goal is to translate the interface of […]