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Localization of Technology in your wardrobe.

We are living the future that we anticipated, in which technology has infiltrated even into our wardrobe, not only in smart watches, glasses, and headphones but also in clothes that use the latest technology and even developers and manufacturers continue to investigate new uses and possibilities.

Now our goal is to translate the interface of these gadgets and smart clothes into the local language of the consumer countries. For all technology products, language localization is the key to achieve success in particular markets.

“Our great challenge is to keep up with the dizzying speed of technology that now tends to use user interfaces based on spoken rather than written commands”.

Localization involves much more than just translating the texts into the terminology of another language. In fact, it takes into account the user’s adjustable preferences, the variable options and the way the user uses and interacts with the technology. It is still a developing technology that provides many adjustments and customization for particular markets, which for example prefer a female voice as a reflection of artificial intelligence that is there to help, instead of a male voice representing authority and command. There is also the consideration that in Latin American and North American markets the greetings and friendly treatment of the interface, even if programmed, is very well received, while in certain markets they prefer a direct interaction without any additions. Eastern markets like China prefer to interact with voice commands and eliminate all written interface.

Whatever the location needs of your technology company, our job is to make your products fully accessible to the particular markets you want to reach. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your doubts and talk about the success of your company.