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6 Key Points In Expert Solutions For Translation And Localization.

With a little knowledge of another language, you or any completely bilingual person could think that a translation is very good and yet, from a professional and specialized point of view, to qualify a good translation requires several considerations and analysis. Actually a “good translation” depends on the source document, the writing style if it is a literary text, or the terminology and data if it is a specialized text from a particular industry, the profile of the target reader, the objectives to be achieved and of course, the company that performs a translation, localization, and professional review.

Regardless of the particularities of each language, the most important consideration is to understand the spirit of the message, achieve the objectives and ensure that regardless of cultural barriers, customs and behavior, we need a professional translation to be sure that our message reaches our readers correctly. These are the considerations and analysis that you should take into account:

  1. Precision:
    Accurate communication depends on an exact translation, which makes the meaning of the message understood, without adding or eliminating information and data. That is why we are dedicated to researching the local terminology, we carry out the conversion to the local measurement systems and very important: we fully understand the needs of the message sender.
  2. Personalization:
    Before making a translation, we must be sure that we fully understand the needs of who issues the message, what it wants to achieve, who its target readers are, segmented into particular profiles by their ages, cities, countries, professions; this depends on the total customization of our translation, which can even use specialized terminology or local words, depending on the effect we want to achieve.
  3. Style:
    It is the tone in which the sender of the message wrote his original text and it is up to us to preserve that intonation. Regardless of the particularities of each language, our duty is to reflect the intention, attitude or tone of the message, whether for fully formal texts such as legal documentation, to literary translations or advertising and marketing material.
  4. Clarity:
    Our goal is to reach the absolute clarity of all the texts and the total comprehension of the messages, keeping the translation in a brief, concise way that manages to quickly express the meaning of the message.
  5. Localization:
    Our goal is to ensure that a text is read fluently, to make the reader feel that this was written in their own language and it is not a translation, which interrupts the understanding, breaks the message and betrays a bad translation.
  6. Specialization:
    We must honestly acknowledge that we cannot completely master all languages, all subjects, all idioms, and specialized terminology. For this reason, we rely on our team of linguists, scattered all over the world, who are experts in their mother tongue and also specializes in Industries similar to yours and the topics that we must translate.

You can have the absolute certainty that you will obtain an Excellent Translation, working with our expert team of professional translators, specialized in the topics that you need. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us, we’ll get right back to you!