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What’s a style & preferences guide? 3 Things you should know.

What’s a style & preferences guide?
When you trust your work to a translation agency, you expect the final document to be flawless and publish-ready. But sometimes you end up rectifying imperfections that you already have corrected in previous translation works. That’s why at Australis, one of our main commitments is to file and continuously update all your preferences for terms, expressions, special terminology, measurement systems, and even the tone of your company’s multilingual communications, into your individual style & preferences guide. Once we have created this document together, our team of expert linguists will use it systematically, so in the future, you don’t have to worry about recurring and irritating flaws.

“Using your style & preferences guide our work is going to be impeccable”.

How does is it work?
At Australis, preference management is our distinctive service. We add the most value by using your preferences to assure completely satisfactory translations for you, accurate in form and meaning. Our team of professional translators will use your style & preference guide to guarantee our top quality approach. As you know, there are different ways to express and translate the same concept or idea, but the accurate way is the one that we documented together.
For multilingual communications, your preferences are essential to achieving our quality-assured translations. We’ll apply the terms and expressions that you selected to use, and remove all those you instructed us to avoid. Furthermore, your style & preferences guide also involves the exact tone that you prefer, to perfectly reflect the voice of your brand.


“You may decide to use a completely formal language or the contrary, a totally casual tone, something more reader-friendly”.


We’ll help you create your style & preferences guide.

Documenting your preferences is of key importance, it should be well planned and implemented. We guide you step by step to create and maintain updated your style & preferences guide. From there, we’ll be able to work as your colleague and not merely as an external resource, translation quality compliance increases and full fill your expectations, without ever losing your valuable time again.
Even though not all providers offer this service, at Australis, we consider ourselves as part of your team. Therefore, our professional linguists will be instructed to fully understand and apply your specific needs in terminology, expressions and style or tone. All your preferences will be documented in your company’s guide that is constantly updated as new projects are worked on. Fluent communication with you will result in a constant improvement of your style & preferences guide, revising and adding new valid preferences all the time.

“By using your translation style & preferences guide, we’ll perform a faultless work”.

If you have any further questions on how style & preference management works, please get in touch with us: production@australis-localization.com we’ll get right back to you!

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