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The growth of Ethiopian languages in the United States

Are we hearing more African languages spoken around us? In the last couple of years, the growth of African languages in the United States has been exponential. Newly released data from the US Census Bureau finds African languages are among the top ten fastest-growing languages spoken in the United States. The Census list features three groups of […]

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Not just WORDS can get lost in TRANSLATION

Why do you need DTP? In this competitive and globalized world, seeking other markets for your products and services becomes an opportunity and a need. The importance of translating and culturally adapting your online communication, user guides, website, and digital marketing to specific locations and markets is crucial to find success and growth. What it is […]

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Technical Translations

Technical Translations Accuracy, consistency, and perfection. “Technical Translations” is a catch-all term that encompasses projects related to machinery, industry or technology. The exact subject matter can vary, but the projects share the same set of characteristics that make them especially challenging. We will explain some key points about how to handle this type of project […]

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Our Personalized Attention

We live in a fast-paced, highly competitive world, where due to ever-increasing demands perhaps the priority now is speed over attention, quality or satisfaction. We understand very well that giant translation companies want to run endlessly behind this world and its demands. However, our commitment to quality and value proposition are very different. We’re different. […]

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We offer expert solutions in translation and localization.

With a little knowledge of another language, you or any completely bilingual person could think that a translation is very good and yet, from a professional and specialized point of view, to qualify a good translation requires several considerations and analysis. Actually a “good translation” depends on the source document, the writing style if it […]

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