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4 Ways In Which How our Linguistic Engineering process helps your company.

If you need multilingual translations, either for sales materials or website localization, the first step to achieve the success you expect is to choose the right professional translators.
To choose who to work with, consider the following: translation agencies may or may not work by your side to fully understand your needs and expectations, plan together the process of each project, define delivery times, know the source materials and what kind of publish-ready files you require, and determine the final cost of each project.

For everything to run easily, guarantee quality and reduce costs
at Australis, we systematically apply our Linguistic Engineering process.

Within our process, the first stage is preparation, which is worthwhile because it avoids inconsistencies that are magnified when translating to each new language. We work by your side to guarantee the complete preparation of your content, before starting the translation, localization, and proofreading of your material. In the following stages, we detect the previously translated content to save time, money and also document it in the Style & Preferences guide of your company.

We’ll help guiding you throughout the whole process. From the revision of the content in the original language, we can guide you to standardize the terminology and measurement systems for your clients’. We’ll take into account the needs of all areas in your company such as production, marketing, sales, customer service, etc. to settle and define together the descriptions of your products or services that are consistent in all the languages you need.

At Australis, our Linguistic Engineering process ensures that your original content is consistent in all languages.

It is likely that your translation work is highly specialized and our contribution of value consists precisely in guaranteeing an optimal localization for each language. It doesn’t matter if you need something simple like a multilingual website or a complex work that requires different projects such as sales materials, user manuals, online help guides, website and social networks, contracts, warranty policies, etc. what’s important is that we apply our Linguistic Engineering process to each project regardless of its scale.

If you have more questions or want to know how we can apply our Linguistic Engineering process to your translation and localization needs, please contact one of our expert collaborators.

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