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We specialize in technical and specific language work for approximately 10 key industries such as Healthcare and Legal.

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From professional translations to voiceover projects, we cover the entire spectrum of specialized translation solutions.

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Corporate & HR

With our proven translation services, you can communicate with all your colleagues around the globe effectively, regardless of their language.


Translating your educational materials can have a tremendous impact on your students’ lives. Combining dedication with education, just like you do.


Ensure the accuracy and timeliness of your translated financial documents by working with a team of financial translation experts.


Become a leader in the healthcare industry and obtain new clients with content localized by our team of specialists in medical translations.

IT & Software

From administration software to games, and from smartphone apps to industrial controllers, Australis is your ideal IT Translation Partner.


If you need translations for a legal process, make no mistake: The only reliable way to get your translations is working with experts.

Industrial & Manufacturing

At Australis, we take our translation production process as seriously as the Manufacturing industry. Every delivery must be perfect and on time.

Marketing & SEO

People love content in their own language. How about you? Let Australis boost your marketing efforts through amazing localization services.

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

With a proven track record translating Safety materials, we are your best (and safest) choice for the job.

Immigration Documents Translations

Don't let translation errors lead to additional paperwork. Our professional services can help you!

Select the service that matches your project to find out how we can translate for you.

e-Learning Services

Our education specialists will make your courses natural and engaging to your target audience, while our technical team will create your courses on the platform of your choice.

Professional Translations

With a team of professional translators, proven quality processes and world-class customer support, Australis is the most reliable solution for all your localization projects.

Subtitling Services

Subtitling is the easiest way to make your video content accessible for new audiences. At Australis, we can create subtitles in any language for all video formats.

Voiceover Services

Let your audience hear what you have to say in their own language. Maximize your audience’s engagement anywhere in the world with our top-tier voiceover services.

Typesetting & Desktop Publishing

Let our graphic design experts take care of the layout of your translated copies. Your translations will be 100% ready to be published.

Accessibility Services

Achieving a truly inclusive world means ensuring that everyone has equal access to resources, information, and opportunities. Discover how it works at Australis.

Forged through 10 years of experience, this is how we achieve amazing language quality.

Discover our six-step process for assuring quality in all of our translations projects.

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